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Amundsen is a premium quality vodka made from the finest six-times-distilled grain spirit.

Amundsen is the second most widely distributed brand in Stock’s portfolio (the first being Stock 84) available in all six markets where Stock has wholly owned distribution plus a number of other markets globally through Stock International’s local distribution partners.

To enhance the pure flavour profile of Amundsen, purified water is filtered several times through natural carbon filters thus eliminating any undesired mineral substances and softening the liquid to the ideal level. This complex process results in a crystal clear purity and a smooth, slightly sweet flavour.

The brand was launched initially in the Czech Republic and Slovakia where it was supported continuously by heavyweight advertising investment, including the famous “Etter destillere!”

The brand was extended into a range of vodka-based flavoured liqueurs and more recently, it has also become available in a choice of full-strength flavoured vodkas.

In 2016 it was launched in Poland in a new premium variant – Amundsen Expedition. Fittingly for a brand inspired by the unspoiled nature and purity of the South Pole, the distillate is chill filtered at below zero degrees for extra smoothness and packaged in an eye-catching, premium blue glass bottle reminiscent of a block of hewn ice.

Amundsen Expedition uses a unique mixture of the best grains to create a luxury vodka with a pure, balanced taste. Its recipe contains a mixture of the highest-quality cereal grains harvested in Europe. Barley caters to the perfect combination of subtleness and sweetness, whilst rye adds elegance to the taste, ensuring that our vodka is of unique character.

The Amundsen brand is able to appeal to different consumer segments through its range of variants. Amundsen clear’s 6th Sense campaign is popular with young adult early adopters on high-energy occasions with a “seeker” mentality. The Amundsen Fusion flavoured vodka-based liqueurs range targets those looking for a longer, lighter, lower alcohol option ideally suited to mixology. Amundsen Expedition invites consumers to “Go Beyond” and appeals to older, more discerning vodka drinkers, who identify with the brand's spirit of exploration and owe their own success to their adventurous personality.

The brand can be enjoyed straight over ice or in vodka-based cocktails. Popular serving suggestions include Amundsen Moscow Mule – Amundsen & Ginger Beer with lime and Amundsen Skinny – Amundsen & Soda and lime.