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With a history dating back to 1884 our product portfolio balances heritage and innovation providing an outstanding range of leading spirits brands.

Keglevich Fruit

Keglevich Strawberry
Keglevich Apple
Keglevich Forest Berries
Keglevich K-Guar
Keglevich Lemon
Keglevich Liquorice
Keglevich Melon
Keglevich Mint
Keglevich Peach
Keglevich Raspberry & Coconut
Keglevich Strawberry & Cream
  • A blend of vodka and strawberry juice.
  • A blend of vodka and apple juice.
  • A blend of vodka and berry fruits.
  • A unique product - the best triple distilled dry vodka, combined with distillate of ginseng and guaranà.
  • A blend of vodka and lemon juice.
  • A blend of vodka and liquorice.
  • A blend of vodka and melon juice.
  • A blend of vodka and mint.
  • A blend of vodka and peach juice.
  • A blend of vodka with raspberry & coconut.
  • A blend of vodka and strawberry flavour mixed with cream.

Keglevich flavoured fruit variants are the result of a careful blend of vodka and depending on the variety, fruit or cream.

Thanks to its unique features, Keglevich is a notable mixer and is excellent for the preparation of sophisticated cocktails and long drinks.

The soft bouquet, concentrated aroma and low alcohol levels make Keglevich a spirit that can be enjoyed neat, both as a one-shot version or on the rocks. The breadth of the range provides excellent consumer choice for a multiplicity of sensory experiences.

To find out more about Keglevich, please visit our brand websites:

*Product packaging and available sizes may vary across markets and are subject to change.